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Chairs, English, windsor, bowback, greenwood


a. (of person or action) Crafty; skilful execution as an object itself; 1. Imitative or imaginative skill applied to design.



n. Craftsman specialising in pole-lathe turning (esp. 19th Century maker of chair components).  


The artful bodger, chair making
chair, welsh stick, free form, windsor, rustic
Peter Murray

About Me

News! New website coming soon, please come back soon and see the new site. 

My name is Peter Murray, I am Chair maker, woodsman, craftsman and teacher.

I have a passion for woodlands and woodland craft. I was lucky enough to be bought up near the Green Wood Centre where as a child I got to watch and play with traditional woodworking techniques and pole lathes.

After studying environmental management, I volunteered with a range of woodland craftsmen before doing a three year Coppice Crafts Apprenticeship with Darren Hammerton.

At about the same time I met the chairmaker and teacher Paul Hayden who also taught me a great deal, and whom I now teach chairmaking with at Westonbirt National Arboretum.

I have been making and selling my chairs for over ten years, and was awarded Balvenie Young Craftsman of the Year in 2012.

I take pride in sourcing my timber locally and sustainably, felling many of the trees myself.

My chairs have sold to artists, craftsmen and people with an appreciation of quality furniture that can be passed on through the generations. I have had the honour of being commissioned to make furniture for some great organizations including Green Peace, Small Woods Association and The Sustainability Centre.

All my chairs come with a lifetime guarantee.

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