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Feel free to contact me anytime.


Peter Murray 07531 433 987


Useful links

Westonbirt Woodworks

Paul Hayden Craft shop, and workshop.

Westonbirt Chair Making Course

Woodland management and firewood.

A great network of green wood workers 

with many local groups

Apprenticeships in coppice crafts throughout the country

The national organisation for woodland workers, owners and supporters

Bill Hogarth Memorial Trust - Coppice apprenticeships nationwide 



Darren Hammerton - to whom I was apprenticed

Whitelands Wood Project - Jonathan West - Inspiring woodland project

Henry Dowell Yurtmaking and rental

A great yurtmaker I work with occasionally



Heritage Crafts Association - Supporting traditional crafts



Sam Robinson is a coppice worker

did the coppice apprenticeship

now based in Manchester







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